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RIX® Technology – for Research Tax Credits

We provide an exciting new online documentation service for taxpayers seeking R&D tax credits under Federal IRC §41 and State Research Tax Credits. RIX Technology is a web-based service that combines technology and tax expertise to simplify the process of obtaining Research Tax Credits for taxpayers.

The technology in RIX® was originally developed in 2006 for use in an IRS approved Research Credit Recordkeeping Agreement with a major US corporation. We are now able to provide the benefits of online software automation, interactive Q&A, data base retention, and experienced Research Tax Credit consultants to large case and smaller taxpayers in a wide variety of industries.

RIX® Technology allows us to provide a high quality of service to clients with a value conscious fee structure that has not previously been available. Certainty and value are great combinations that make Research Credit under §41 and State Research Tax Credit accessible to many more business qualified for the Research Credit that cannot or do not currently utilize it.

For companies that already receive Research Tax Credits using traditional services and techniques, RIX® Technology has less impact on key employees, provides contemporaneous data that result in identification of more qualifying activities, greater accuracy in related expenditures and clarity of information. For the taxpayer this increases Research Credit amounts, simplifies documentation and review, and limits reduction of Research Tax Credits by IRS review.

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